Thursday, September 4, 2014

Association Representations for Each School

Coosada Elementary: LaDonna Macon & Allison Britt
Airport Road Intermediate: Natasha Marshall, Leisha Crosby, & Ashley Winchester
Millbrook Middle: Altrovise McNeal & Alisha Diggs
Stanhope: Shay Atchison

Holtville Elementary: Irene Glenboski
Holtville Middle: Kelly Jo Wilson
Holtville High: Sue Conner

Eclectic Elementary: Rita Wright
Eclectic Middle: Juanita Lyles
Elmore County High: Rosa Stokes

Redland Elementary: Andreda Young, Debbie Perkins, Ken Burdette

Wetumpka Elementary: Robin Wood
Wetumpka Intermediate: Joiann Selmar & LaConya Warrick
Wetumpka High: Phalandra Johnson

ICARE: Barbara Walker
ECAP: Monica Washington
ECTC: Jane Robbins
Central Office: Doris Zeigler

ECEA Officers for 2014-2015

Vivian Crosby-President
Ladonna Macon- Vice-President
Rosa Stokes- Treasurer
Allison Britt- Secretary
Andreda Young-Member at large

ECEA Meetings for 2014-2015

Meeting Dates for 2014-2015
*September 10th @ 3:30
*November 19th @ 3:30
*February 25th @ 3:30
*Retirement Tea May 1st @ 6 pm at the Millbrook Civic Center.

***All meetings will be held at the Board Meeting Room in Wetumpka***